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    How much does GeM registration cost? - Know the charges


    How much does GeM registration cost? - Know the charges | 29 Dec, 2020

    How much does GeM registration cost? - Know the charges

    Any government needs to procure goods and services from privately owned firms from time to time. It is a vital part of general day to day governance. The government actively works towards making this process easy and user friendly. In the direction of that effort, it has launched a platform for the public procurement of goods and services. This platform is known as Government e-Marketplace or GeM in short. It is a bold step in the light of the Make in India movement of the government. The Government is aiming to transform the way different government departments acquire goods and services from the private players. And this is a remarkable step in that direction.

    GeM portal is a one stop solution for all of your needs. It is an online marketplace hosted by DGS&D. With the help of this portal, the e-procurement of goods and services has become quite easy. It is a self sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers. The benefits are given below with the fees in the last point.

    • There is no middleman. Vendors sell directly to the government.
    • Vendors have direct access to over 43000 buyers.
    • It offers contactless, paperless and cashless registration.
    • The payments are digital and timely.
    • You can change the prices based on market conditions.
    • It has ZERO registration fees.

    Yes, you read it right. All of these amazing features and benefits will be enjoyed by you with this unbelievable cost. GeM registration is completely free. It is truly a platform of transparency. You must not miss out on this incredible chance because there is literally nothing to lose. Contact National Tenders to get consultancy on GeM registration now.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu3q8vT4Yjo&feature=youtu.be