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    Value-Added Services

    "Unlock the full potential of your tender with our value-added services. From tender result to secure Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) and creative tender design solutions, we've got you covered."

    Tender Result

    1. Tender Result

    Our tender result service provides detailed tender results, including winning bids and contract awards, for strategic decision-making.

    • Tender outcomes for those who make it past the technical stage are made available here.
    • On our site, we list the winning bidders in order from lowest to highest, i.e. L1, L2, L3... and so on.

    NOTE: We only display government-provided results.

    2. DSC

    Digital certificates allow users to electronically verify their identity, gain access to restricted online resources, and digitally sign legally binding documents.

    • We supply DSCs for use in submitting bids, claiming GST/tax refunds, and importing and exporting goods.
    • It is suitable for usage in any e-tendering platform (if necessary).
    • The encrypting procedure is 100% safe and secure.
    • It's an electronic kind of ID verification.
    Tender Design

    3. Tender Design

    Our tender design services help create thorough, professional tender documents that clearly communicate project requirements and encourage competitive bidding. Our tender design expertise boosts bidder participation and procurement success.

    • We prepare bid terms in accordance with the department's schedule.
    • we analyse the market for technical and other prospect
    • Our Bid is Designed to Acquire: healthy competition, ensuring that genuine seller comes to bid, quality procurement in competitive market rate.
    • All bids are in accordance with the norms of the procurement process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q : What is tender?

    Answer : A tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. Tendering usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

    Q : What is EMD?

    Answer : EMD stands for Earnest money deposit. This security instrument may be asked in form of Bank Guarantee, Demand Draft or Bankers cheque. It is asked for saving Authority from unwanted proposals and to secure themselves against a possible financial liability which may arise due to unwillingness of selected vendor to execute his commitments. The authority in that case earns that EMD amount if the selected vendor after tender process refuse to carry out work.

    Q : What is Tender Document?

    Answer : Tender Document stands for invitation sent to potential suppliers of a good or service to inform them about the information required for the buyer to choose among them. Issuing a tender document typically begins the tender process by which a business selects qualified and interested suppliers based on such things as their price, availability and proposed delivery terms.

    Q : What is n-procurement?

    Answer : N Procure is a portal where in more than 150 departments of Gujarat Government publish their requirement through this portal. nProcure is portal of (n)Code, provides e-Procurement services through its etendering tender portal www.nprocure.com which facilitates and manages e-tendering and e-auction published by Government of Gujarat. nProcure hosts, publishes and executes thousands of e-tenders for all departments of Govt. of Gujarat. (1) Bidders can download the tender document free of cost from the website. (2) Bidders have to submit Technical bid as well as Price bid in Electronic format only on nprocure website till the Last Date & time for submission. (3) Offers in physical form will not be accepted in any case. nProcure is chagable portal.

    Q : What is reverse auction?

    Answer : A reverse auction is an auction where the roles of a buyer and seller are exchanged, i.e. sellers bid prices instead of buyers. the auction is initiated by the Buyer and the Supplier bids in real time driving the price down. It is a type of competitive bidding conducted on reverse auction websites, which is suitable when the only point being negotiated between the Buyer and the Supplier is price.

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