Zenon Healthcare Limited

Today, Zenon Healthcare is spearheading the development, production and marketing of a broad range of specialty medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients, OTC products and new therapeutic processes. Our portfolio of pharmaceutical products is comprehensive and strong, extending to all major therapeutic areas and dosage forms. We provide remarkable quality with a strong portfolio of pharmaceutical products available in all areas; including pediatrics, diabetes, allergies, cardiac, ENT, dental and neuro, to name a few. We are fully committed to focus on the needs of our customers by a strategy that allows us to develop, produce and market high quality medications. We have made it our responsibility to provide innovative products that will enrich the lives of patients and help create a long-term disease management system. We are constantly looking at advancements that will provide our customers with the medication and therapeutic services they need. Because of our dedication to research and test ground breaking pharmaceutical products, Zenon is constantly in search of ways we can expand our company and become among the top healthcare companies in the world.


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