Tendering Authority: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

India, Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi



Last Date For Submission

17 May, 2021

Closing Date

17 May, 2021


Supply Of BULL RING RETAINER(HY-912.10) AS PER DRG. 36118802117/01 WITH MATL. AS PER SPECN. HY-10199/03 , BULL RING RETAINER (HY-078.00) - AS PER DRG. 46117600048/02 WITH MATL AS PER SPECN. HY10199/03 , SKATE RETAINER AS PER DRG. 46180002608/00 WITH MATERIAL AA10119/15 , HOISTING CLEVIS AS PER DRG. 36180002935/00 WITH MATERIAL AS PER SPECN. AA10119/15 , SPANNER WRENCH - GRINDING ROLL LOCK NUT AS PER DRG. 36180002426/00 WITH MATERIAL AA10119/15 , BRACKET (HY-4.07) AS PER DRG. 46137600095/02 WITH MATL AS PER SPECN AA10111/06 , JR. HEAD LINER CLAMP (HY-901.08. 02) - AS PER DRG. 26108802066/02 WITH MATL AS PER SPECN. AA10119/15

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