Tender Information

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation
NTID 20206338
Tendering Authority Kerala State Road Transport Corporation
Description supply of spares for leyland engines - pin with bush bs3, engine stopper cable bs2/bs3, flywheel 4f hino/euro/bsii, radiator cap bsii, con rod bush kit, con.rod bush kit 6dti e2 bs3/j, clutch bush & pin kit bs2/bs3/, oil seal crank shaft hino bs2/, tappet hino, valve stem seal, push rod-e1,2&3, lever bs2/bs3, clutch rep: kit minor bs2/3, fly wheel/pilot bearing, eoh kit l/l bsii in line, rocker screw w/nut bs2/bs3, elec:mag:fan clutch assy bs3, fly wheel bs3, damper pully a/l bsii/iii modi, arm valve rocker lh, composite valve kit hino 6d/e, clutch w/drawal sleeve bs2/3, gear crank shaft, valve lock hino 6d/e/bs2/bs3, valve guide hino & euro bs1/bs, damper pully eiii, crank shaft pulley bsii, spring cup bs2/bs3, valve stem cap bs2 hino, camshaft bush kit jn/bs3, clutch fork bs2/bs3, crank shaft-kit 6e, valve intake bsiii, sprg:valve(inner) bsiii, filter to pump hose bs2/3, rocker arm screw nut, fuel hose pump to filter, clutch back plate
Estimated Cost 0.00
Doc Cost 5000.00
Last Date for Submission 2019-10-16
Closing Date 2019-10-16
Location Kerala State Road Transport Corporation India, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
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