Replacing Existing Roofing With New Roofing Sheet

Tendering Authority: Marine Department

India, Kerala, Kochi



Last Date For Submission

20 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

20 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 5 | Total Qty : 32101
# Item Quantity Units
2 Dismantling existing GI roofing sheet and stacking the items as per the direction from the site in charge 16000.00 Sq ft
3 Replacing of existing roofing sheet with new Galvalume roofing sheet with Ridges: installation of new roofing sheet with powder coated GI roofing sheet (.4mm thick) over the existing truss work as per the design. The cost should include connecting the existing rain water gutter and noncorrosive stainless steel self thread bolt labour charge, transportation loading unloading etc. The rate also including scuff holing etc. As per the instruction of site in charge. 16000.00 Sq ft
4 Enamel Painting: All existing GI frame work should be painted with one cot epoxy primer and two coats of enamel paint after proper preparation of GI surface cleaning. 1.00 Job
5 Fabrication and installation of rain water gutter by using 16 guage GI sheet (8 inch square paathi) rate including primer and painting. 100.00 running feet
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