Purchasing Of Metp Items - A - Scan, Allis Forcep, Ambu Bag, Artery Forcep, Auto Clave, Bp Instrument, Bp Rubber, Battery, Bed Side Curtain, Binocular Microscope, Biometer, Bio Safety Cabinet, Blood Collection Monitor, Bob Cocks, Bone Holding Forcep, Bowel, Bucket, Metal Catheter, Circular Saw Blade, Forcep, Keratometer, Kidney Tray, Table, Measurement Beaker, Nasal, Neonatal Stethoscope, Oxygen Cylinder, Pm Kit, Palm Lock Tourney, Patient Trolley, Scissor, Spot Light, Sterilizer Elements, Surgical Scissor, Tongle Dpressor, Tooth Extraction, Warmer Bed, Cctv Camera, Orthopedic Instrument.

Tendering Authority: Medical and Health Services

India, Rajasthan, Dausa



Last Date For Submission

02 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

02 Feb, 2023

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NTID: 30621065
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