NTID 20206572
Tendering Authority Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Authority
Description supply of oh equipments for students in thrissur from general schools, orthopedic equipments, brace, splint, crutches, try-cycle & wheel chair, chappals, prosthesis, walker, special cp chair, leg / arm gaitor, kfo with shoe, therapy ball, afo with shoe, kafo with shoe, finger ball, cp chair c wheels, therapy mat + bed, aductor separator, physioball, hand exerciser, pronation /supination device, wheel chair with commode, hand splint, murmaid splint, paediatric walker with wheel, standing box(standing frame), commode chair, articulated afo, finger excerciser, cockup splint, arch support shoe, walker with wheel, static cycle, parallel bar, hkafo (with shoe), walking stick, cp chair with head support, cp chair, spinal brace, shoe with heel raise, caliper b/l hkafo with shoe, left afo, peg board, balancing board, ctev shoe, study table, elbow crutches, b/l afo with latrel, wheel chair, therapy mat, folding wheel chair, hkfo, scoliosis brace, wrist hand orthosis, leg gaitor, ankle exerciser, taylovs brace, hand finger exerciser, cpchair & neck support, gymnic ball and pedal excerciser, b/l afo with surgical shoe, wrist splint, elbow stretching excerciser, therapy mat, afo, b/l hkafo caliper, arm gaiter, ctev corrective shoe (b/l), corrective shoe with arch, puzzles, sensory kit, leg / arm gaitor/knee gaitor, rollator, modified foot wear, dynamic cockup splint (right), kafo with shoe with arch support (b/l), shoe with arch support and medical raise (b/l), arch support shoe (b/l), cervical colllar, fine motor kit, afo with arch support, physiomat, reciprocating walker, kafo, heal raise with afo (right), shoe with foot drops splint, physio ball medium, physio ball small, physio ball large, soulder pully, corrective shoe, spinal jacket, cp chair with commode, hkafo, msied kit, dynamic cock up splint(left), b/l afo, cock up splint (left), hkafo b/l, physio therapy mat, b/l kafo, bk prosthosis, b/l afo with heel strap, footwear with medial arch support b/l, surgical shoe with medial soleraise medial arch support mcb in sole, wheel chair with study table, air bed, surgical shoes b/l, afo(right), hand grip exerciser, height corrected footwear, b/l surgical shoe with medial arch support, paediatric wheel chair with saftey belt, shoes for daily use(ordinary), b/l accomodative shoes, hight correction shoe, knee brace, paediatric walker, b/l gaitors, standing frame, b/l afo with medial arch support straight lateral border, b/l leg gaitors, sensory ball, ak splintwith shoe, sensory ball, elbow brace, knee brace, weight cuff 2 no for strengthening, peeanut ball large size, footwear-mcr, ctv shoe, weight binder, gait trailer, infant feeding tube num-8, reclined wheel chair, footwear with left leg sole size of 2 inch, therapy gel ball small, baby stroller, b/l wrist drop,splint, grape bandage, b/l kafo with shoes, b/l afo with medical arch support, weight cufff(1 kg), cp chair with head support, wheel chair with trunk strap, commod chair adult, kafo with heel rise, kafo with mediel st harser, kafo with mediel wed id, b/l afo with rubber sole, b/l back strap foot wear with sole raise l foot with taylor brace, accomadative foot wear with soft soul, left foot wear with soul raise, buggerin, learning kit /mr kit, gyminic ball large, dynamic cockup splint b/l, knee based mobilizes in parelel bar, wrist drop splint right, gyminic ball medium, high ankle moduled medial arch b/l shoe, pancake splint, shoes wth medical arch support b/l, afo with shoes b/l, universal cuff, long handled bath brush, finger extension splint, b/l mcr ladies strap model footwear, finger excerciser splint, accomodative footewear with silicon insole, brouse arm sling, accomodative footewear with toe seperator, accomodative footewear with sole rise, cp chair with aductor seperator, b/l hand gaitor, kafo with hight correction shoe, hight correction and lateral wedge shoe, wrist drop splint left, shoe (l) medial arch (r) lateral wedge, b/l auxilory crutches, afo (r) lateral wedge, wooden beads, afo right with b/l accomodative foot wear, accomodation footwear with solerise, b/l accomodative footwear with straight medial border, right cetv shoes with accomodative footwear right solerise, accomodative footwear with arch support, compressor stockings above knee, b/l afo with arch support and rubber sole, b/l accomodation footwear with arch support, afo (l) for right splint, accomodation footwear with strap model mcr chappal, bean bag, elbow finger exerciser, b/l footwear modified with medial straight heel with shoe, kafo with hand exerciser, aduction separator splint, trycycle exerciser, rest drop splint with finger exerciser, cp chair with head support leg strap and foot strap, therapy jell ball
Estimated Cost 2500000.00
EMD 50000.00
Doc Cost 2500.00
Last Date for Submission 2019-10-17
Closing Date 2019-10-17
Location India, Kerala, Thrissur
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