Laying Of Paver Block Road Repair From Laxminagar Gayatrinagar Park To Main Road In Burmamines Under Nac Jamshedpur Distt East Singhbhum


India, Jharkhand, East Singhbhum



Last Date For Submission

06 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

06 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 26 | Total Qty : 2562.48
# Item Quantity Units
1 (a) Earth Work in excavation in foundation treanches in ordinary soil (vide classification of soil item-A) and disposal of excaveted earth as obitained to a distance upto 50M icluding all lifts, levelling, ramming the foundation trenches, removing roots of trees, shurbs all complete as per approved design, building specification and direction of E/I (b) Exra for earthwork in hard soil as per specification and direction of E/I (vide classification of soil item-B) 258.28 M3
2 Providing coarse clean local sand in filling in foundation trenches or in plinth including ramming and watering in layer not exceeding 150 mm thick with all leads and lifts including cost of all materials, labours, royalty and taxes all complete as per buiding specification and direction of E/I. (Mode of measurement compacted volume) 86.24 M3
3 Providing and laying factory made chamfered edge Cement Concrete paver blocks in footpath, parks, lawns, drive ways or light traffic parking etc, of required strength, thickness & size/ shape, made by table vibratory method using PU mould, laid in required colour & pattern over 50mm thick compacted bed of sand, compacting and proper embedding/laying of inter locking paver blocks into the sand bedding layer through vibratory compaction by using plate vibrator, filling the joints with sand and cutting of paver blocks as per required size and pattern, finishing and sweeping extra sand. complete all as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge. 80 mm thick C.C. paver block of M-40 grade with approved color design and pattern. 1695.17 M2
4 Providing and laying at or near ground level factory made kerb stone of M-25 grade cement concrete in position to the required line, level and curvature, jointed with cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement: 3 coarse sand), including making joints with or without grooves (thickness of joints except at sharp curve shall not to more than 5mm), including making drainage opening wherever required complete etc. as per direction of Engineer-in-charge (length of finished kerb edging shall be measured for payment). (Precast C.C. kerb stone shall be approved by Engineer-in-charge). 27.69 M3
5 Loading and unloading of stone boulder / stone aggregates / sand / kanker / moorum. (Tipper-10.00 cum capacity) Placing tipper at loading point, loading with front end loader, dumping, turning for return trip, excluding time for haulage and return trip. 206.63 M3
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