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1. NTID 17895267

Opening Date : 2018-12-28

Closing Date : 2019-01-23

Multi city,Andhra Pradesh, India Price : Not Estimated Ignitor


Ignitor Tender
Multi city,Andhra Pradesh, India

3. NTID 17967307

Opening Date : 2019-01-04

Closing Date : 2019-01-24

4. NTID 18116704

Opening Date : 2019-01-18

Closing Date : 2019-01-24

Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India Price : 15.00 Lakh Ignitor


Ignitor Tender
Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India

5. NTID 18079506

Opening Date : 2019-01-15

Closing Date : 2019-01-28

Panipat,Haryana, India Price : Not Estimated Ignitor

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Ignitor Tender
Panipat,Haryana, India

6. NTID 17433871

Opening Date : 2018-11-20

Closing Date : 2019-01-31

=25 ka, mccb 100a, 3pole, batten holder, ht tape, insulation roll, 16/6 amp switch, and socket, combined (box, type), insulating pvc, tape, 1.8cmx9mx0.125, mm), hpsv blast for, 400w c/w, pin for fixing, casing capping, pvc box 4 " x 4 ", glass tape 1/2 x, 25 mtr, joint kit, straight, through heat, shrinkable, 35sqmm x 3core, 11 kv outdoor, key set, taparia, line tester, no.814, fuse wire 6, amp., pvc cable clip, out door type, heat, shrinkable, cable end, termination kit, for 3 core 50-95, mm2 size 11 kv, xlpe cable, 3 core, 35, sq.mm., 11 kv,, frls, xlpe, insulated,, aluminium, conductor, armoured ht, cable., requirement of, bank details for, online payment for, purchase of 3 nos., split ac through, gem, copper thimble, 10 sq mm, copper thimble, 25 sq mm, copper thimble, 35 sq mm, copper thimble, 50 sq mm, copper thimble, 70 sq mm, copper thimble, 95 sq mm, copper thimble, 150 sq mm, socket, set/goti, set (taparia) (tap, aria@goti set), double open end, spanner set, (taparia, 12-, pieces)">
Multi city,Multi State, India Price : 7.02 Lakh Ignitor

National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited

Ignitor Tender
Multi city,Multi State, India