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Tender Bidding

We have observed the radical transformation in bidding processes, however, most of the company deprived of this opportunity since they are not aware of recent technological adoption that has brought seamless transparency and fast submission approval process.

Features of Service

feature of service

Personalize Service

feature of service

Tender Suggestion to payment follow up

feature of service

Guarantee for technical Qualification

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Personal login penal for Document and Tender management

Return of Investment service plan

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Transparent report and process

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All support under one roof

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Assistance from Experience and Expert

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What we provide/do

We understand the business and profile of the customer, as our service is personalized service, we assign a dedicated personal manager to the user, who manages the following tasks for the customer.

nationaltenders arrow Suggest Tender as per business.

nationaltenders arrow Study whole document and prepare a summary that includes eligibility criteria, Department requirement, payment terms and condition. This helps customers to identify right tender for bidding.

nationaltenders arrow Preparing document for vendor registration

nationaltenders arrow Proceeding for vendor registration with customer credentials.

nationaltenders arrow Taking the follow-up with the department for any query. Also becoming a bridge between the user and department.

nationaltenders arrow Uploading the document for tendering and suggesting rate.

nationaltenders arrow Submitting tender online and offline. If required, also taking part in a reverse auction for the customer.

nationaltenders arrow Updating results. If the position is L1 than supporting customer to get Purchase order.

nationaltenders arrow Also taking the follow up for payment on behalf of the customer.


nationaltenders arrow Experience of bidding 8000+ Tenders

nationaltenders arrow “Certificate of Recognition” from Government of India

nationaltenders arrow Tender result analysis report module

nationaltenders arrow Login penal with latest technology and tools

nationaltenders arrow Team of expert and experience Manpower

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Who we are

nationaltenders arrow We are team of experienced professionals who aim to provide platform the company who wish to get work with government, PSU, etc. but not having sufficient knowledge, experience & infra. We want to empower SME so they also get to participate in bidding and get work in a competitive market as well. We are not just putting efforts to bid the tenders, but also using our expertise to build their profile so day by day they feel they are growing by participating and winning tenders and becoming eligible for the next phase of tenders as well.

For whom this service is useful

nationaltenders arrow Any Company who is participating in tenders or want to bid tender first time. Company needs information of past tenders with the results. A company who can generate business lead from awarded contractor data.

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