Tendering Authority: Sher- I -kashmir Institute Of Medical Science

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar



Last Date For Submission

24 May, 2021

Closing Date

24 May, 2021


Supply Of Various Surgical Disposable Items On 2 Year Rate Contract Basis (group D). - Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE Kits) as per specification /accessories detailed in Annexure “B” of the notice no SIMS 325 P (I)-e-Tender 05 of 2021-2323-26 Dated 31/03/2021. , N95 Mask (BIS Certified) with adjustable head band & nose pin. Mask should fit with wide range of face size. , Automatic Hand Sanitizers Machine (Dispenser) 1. Capacity 8 Litres. 2. Body Material ABS. 3. Dimension/size 36cm(H)x30 (W) x220cm (D) 4. Weight 3 kg. 5. Sensor type Ultrasoni 6. Sensor Range 3-4 Inch. 7. Supply type SNPS Base 8. Input power 220V AC/50 HZ. 9. Input power Consumption 15W. 10. Output voltage 24 V 11. Pump input supply 12 V 1 2. Input pressure 60 PSI 13. Max Out put pressure 120 PSI 14. Nozzle Material Brass. 15. Nozzle length 6 mm 16. Nozzle dispensing Hole 0.3 mm 17. Nozzle Spray Dropled Based. 18. LED Indication Red and Green. 19. Cabinet Tank Capacity 8 litres. 20. Packed product weight 3.4 kg. , "NIOSH, USA approved N-95 Face Masks with following specifications: 1. Non-valved masks with good breathability. 2. Mask should be provided with adjustable head band (not ear strings). Head strips should be ultrasonically bonded to the mask & no staples are used. 3. Mask should be provided with adjustable nose pin 4. Mask should be disposable & able to fit wide range of face sizes. Mask should have fluid resistance of minimum 80mm Hg pressure. The shape of mask should not collapse easily. 5. The product should be quality compliant with standards for medical grade N-95 respirator NIOSH N-95 that can be worn with full face shield. 6. The product should meet all the standard specifications of N-95 Masks (without valve). 7. The brand name, NIOSHTC number, model number should be printed in the mask. 8. The vendor who submits National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, USA (NIOSH) approval Certificate shall only be eligible to participate. 9. The qualifications are subject to approval of sample & submission of NIOSH certifications in the tender document. 10. The financial bid of only those firms shall be opened whose sample & NIOSH certificate are found appropriate & approved by Technical Evaluation Committee. "

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