NTID 21085474
Tendering Authority South Eastern Coalfields Limited
Description supply of spares for volga make geb - 3 pole mangneti o/l relay(w.c ct), part no. gbf-2/002, ct for o/l rekay, part no. gbf-2/003, earth leakage relay w.o trafo. & cbct, part no. gbf-2/004, 150amps,3pole off-load isolator (rev.) (with handle, axel and bush),, part no. gbf-2/007, 150amps plug & socket (complete), part no. gbf-2/008, dmc moulded plug insulator (w.o. pin) for 150amps, plug &, socket, part no. gbf-2/008a, brass pin for plug (set of 4 pins.) of 150amps plug & socket, part, no. gbf-2/008b, dmc moulded socket insulator (w.o.pin), part no. gbf-2/008c, brass pin for socket (set of 4pins.) of 150amps, plug & scoket, part, no. gbf-2/008d, ct operated 65 mm.dia. ammeter (w.o.c.t.), part no. gbf-2/009, lamp holder for e/l indication, part no. gbf-2/011, indicating lamp, part no. gbf-2/011a, e.l test/reset spindle assy. & key, part no. gbf-2/012c, micro-switch for start, part no. gbf-2/013a, micro-switch for stop, part no. gbf-2/013b, micro-switch forb e/l test&reset, part no. gbf-2/013c, moulded dmc terminals. with copper flat for, incoming/throughgoing 200 amps, part no. gbf-2/016, moulded dmc terminals. with copper flat for, incoming/throughgoing 300 amps, part no. gbf-2/016a, pilot relay.12v d.c, part no. gbf-2/024b, potential transformer, 40va (pt), part no. gbf-2/025a, potential transformer, 80va (pt), part no. gbf-2/025b, epoxy moulded potential transformer 100va, part no. gbf-2/025c, hrc fuse base 20a for control, part no. gbf-2/028, hrc fuse link for cintrol, part no. gbf-2/028a, slide lock fuse 15a, part no. gbf-2/28b, dmc moulded hrc fuse base for power, part no. gbf-2/029, hrc fuse link for power 160 amps, part no. gbf-2/029a, circlip for plug & socket (set of 4), part no. gbf-2/034, c.i. elbow for plug& scoket, part no. gbf-2/036, complete base plate assembly, part no. gbf-2/039, sensitive earth leakage relay with cbct & p.t., part no. gbf-2/050
Estimated Cost 1364772.00
Doc Cost 0.00
Last Date for Submission 2020-02-22
Closing Date 2020-02-22
Location India, Chhattisgarh, Jhagrakhand
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