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Industrial Training Institute
NTID 17935723
Tendering Authority Industrial Training Institute
Description Supply Of Petty Tools & Equipments - 3 Pin Power Chord- As Required, Aa Battery For Clock, Aaa Battery For Remote- As Required, Cable Crimping Tool, Cartridges For Printer- As Required, Cat 5/5e Cable (100 Mtr), Cleaning Liquid 500 Ml- As Required, Cmos Batteries- As Required, Duster Cloth(2' By 2')- As Required, Dvd Or Blu-ray Writer, E Commerce Simulation Software-open Source Software, Key Board (usb/ps2)- As Required, Optical Mouse (usb/ps2)- As Required, Smps- As Required, Standalone Hard Disks 500 Gb Or Higher, Standard Screw Driver Set, Stapler Big, Stapler Small, Tally Erp 9 Or Latest- With Licencses, Wall Clock, White Board Marker - As Required, Xerox Paper (a4)- As Required (reams), External Hard Disk , Hand Held Vaccum Cleaner, Measuring Steel Tape, Combination Plier Insulated, Screw Driver Insulated, Screw Driver Insulated, Electrician Screw Driver Thin Stem Insulated Handle, Heavy Duty Screw Driver Insulated, Electrician Screw Driver Thin Stem Insulated Handle, Punch Centre, Knife Double Bladed Electrician, Neon Tester, Steel Rule Graduated Both In Metric And English Unit, Hammer, Cross Peen With Handle, Bath Impregnating, D.c. Compound Generator With Control Panel Including Fitted Rheostat, Voltmeter, Ammeter And Breaker, , D.c. Shunt Generator With Control Panel,, Fire Extinguisher Co2, , Frequency Meter, Rubber Mat , Electrician Helmet, Safety Belt, Rule Steel, Drawing Board, Rule Wooden (consumable), T' Square, Easel 'a' Type Stand, Square Blade, Marking Gauge, Tendon Saw, Drill Bits (consumable), Chisel Knife-, Hacking Knife, Diamond Glazier Knife, Paint Tin Opener, Shave Huck Knife, Glider Knife, Paint Burner (acetylene Gas), Blow Lamp, Working Bench, Bench Vice, Weight Per Litter Cup, Ford Cop For Viscosity, Measurement With Stand, Mild Steel Panels, Sink (stainless Steel), Fire Extinguisher, Suction Feed Spray Gun With, Accessories., Glosso Meter, Infra Red Lamp, Digital Dft Meter, Orbital Sander Machine With, Dust Collector, Aerograph (air Brush/ Pen Gun), Pneumatic Polishing Machine, With Pads, Face Mask & Respirator, (consumable), Gloves (rubber) (consumable), Pipe Vice, Hacksaw, Pipe Wranch, Flat File- Smooth Finish, Circuler Cut File, Raft Cut, Pipe Dai Set Metric & Inches, Gun Spray With Gravity Feed Cup With Complete Accessories, Conventional Spray Gun For, Pressure Feed, Electric Spray Gun, Comb Gauge, Pencil Hardness Tester, Digital Weight Machine, D.e. Pedestal Grinder With Two Wheels 175mm Rough And Smooth, Marking Table , Pipe Bender(hydraulic Type), Pipe Bender Manually Operated, Solar Water Heater System, Portable Forge 450 Mm With Hand Blower, Hydraulic Pressure Machine For Testing Leakage In Gi Pipe Fittings Etc. , Rachet Pipe Die, Ammeter, Ac/dc Portable Precision Grade Digital Panel Board Type , Bench Vice Jaw, Bending Spring External Type, For Copper Tube , Caliper Spring Joint In Side Length , Caliper, Odd Leg, Spring Joint Length , Centre Punch Length , Cold Chisel Flat And Cross Cut Length , Compound Gauge, Digital Type Diameter 63mm, With Recalibration Set Screw, Scale Vacuum 76mm. Pressure 15 Kg/sq.cm, Compressors Testers For Small Hermetic Compressors Fixed With Electrical Input/ Output Indicating Facilities, D.e Spanner , Diagonal Cutter , Dial Thermometer Remote Control, Armored Capillary Dial 75mm - 50c To +50 C, Digital Weighing Machine 100 Kg, Divider Spring Joint Length , Engineers Rule 300mm Long, Engineers Square 150mm With 5' Tolerance, File Flat Rough Double Cut , File Flat, Fine Double Cut, Length , File Square, Fine Double Cut, Length , File Triangular Fine Double Cut Length , File, Half Round, Fine Double Cut, Length , File, Round, Fine Double Cut Length , Fire Buckets , Fire Extinguisher Abc Dry Powder Type2 Kg Capacity, Firmer Chisel , Hammer Ball Pain , Hammer Ball Peen , Instrumentation Screw Driver Set , K.w. Meter , Line Tester 500 V Heavy Duty, Megger , Micron Vacuum Gauge Capable Of Reading Up To 20 Microns, Oil Can , Pinch Of Tool, For Copper Tube, , Pipe Cutter Miniature For Copper Tube , Pipe Cutter With Built In Reamer And Space Cutter, For Copper Tube , Pliers Combination Insulated Length , Pliers Flat Nose , Pliers Long Nose , Plumbing Hammer Weight 200 Gm, Pressure Gauge Digital Type Diameter 63mm With Recalibration Set, Puller 3 Legged With Flexible Arm , Ratchet Spanner Of 6.4 Sq.mm Reversible, Ring Spanner , Scissor, Gasket Cutting Stainless Steel Length , Screw Driver, Plastic Handle, 6mm Tip Length , Scriber 150mm Length, Service Man Thermometer In Metal Case , Sling Psychro Meter Mounted On Aluminum Back, Scale , Spanner Double Ended , Spirit Level Precision Metallic , Stakes [ Different Types] , Surface Gauge Universal , Swaging Tool, Punch Type, Set Of Size For Tube. , Tachometer Digital, Multirange , T-allen Key Set , Tap Set With Matching Drills , Tap Set With Matching Drills , Tape Measuring 10m Graduation In Mm, Tape Measuring Graduation In , Tenon Saw , Tong Tester (clamp On Multi Meter) , Tong, Close Mouth And Pick, Try Square , Tweezers , Valve Key Handle[treated As Consumable] , Vernier Caliper Length , Voltmeter, Ac/dc Portable 0 To 500 Volt Precision Grade Digital Panel Board Type, Welding Table For Gas/arc , White Board 4'x3' Ferrous Base Sheet To Hold Magnetic Duster With White Finish Surface., Glazed White Magnetic Board , Interactive Board, Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, File Flat Bastard, Flash Back Arrester (cylinder Mounted), Flash Back Arrester (torch Mounted), Hack Saw Frame Fixed , Hammer Ball Pane 1 Kg With Handle, Screw Driver , Tip Cleaner, Try Square
Estimated Cost 200000.00
Doc Cost 0.00
Last Date for Submission 2019-06-01
Closing Date 2019-06-01
Location Industrial Training Institute India, Haryana, Multi city
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