Supply Of Nigrosin Strain 10 Percent W V With Formalin 100ml Pack ,sabarouds Dextrose Agar Plus Chloremphenicol Plus Tween80 Dehydrated Culture Meedia 500 Gm Pack ,cycloheximide Or Actedione Powder Form 5gm Pack ,chloramphenicol Cell Culture Tested 5gm Pack , Acetonemolecular Biology Grade 500ml Pack , Brain Heart Infusionagar Granulated Culture Media Pack Size 500 Gm Pack ,straight Wire Nichrome , Polypropylene Beaker 1000mlgraduated , Polypropylene Beaker 500ml Graduated , Coplinjar Or Slide Staining Jar Glass Apparatus , Glass Petridish100x20mm Made Of Borosilicate Glass Resistant To Thermaland Chemical Shocks 100pcs Pack , Formaldehyde 40percent 500ml Pack , Calcoflour White 100ml Pack , Coverslip Size 2.2x2.2 Cm Pack Size 10gm Boxes X 20 Nos. ,testube Rack , Koh Potasium Hydroxide Laboratory Grade500gm Pack , Dmso Dimethly Sulphoxide Laboratory Grade500ml Pack , Glycerine 500ml Pack , Corn Meal Agardehydrated Culture Media 100gm Pack , N Acetyl Cystiene25gm Pack , Micro Tips 200 Microlitre Graduatedautoclavable Certified Dnase Rnase And Pyrogen Free Packsize 1000 Per Box , Micro Tips 1000 Microlitre Graduatedautoclavable Certified Dnase Rnase And Pyrogen Free Packsize 500 Per Box , Nitrile Gloves Small Thickness 3.0 Mil Ormore Powder Free Latex Free Pack Size 100 Per Box , Nitrilegloves Medium Thickness 3.0 Mil Or More Powder Free Latexfree Pack Size 100 Per Box , Nitrile Gloves Large Thickness3.0 Mil Or More Powder Free Latex Free Pack Size 100 Perbox , Micro Centrifuge Tubes 2 Ml Pack Size 500 Per Box ,parafilm M 2 Inch X 250 Inch Thermoplastic Selfsealing Film ,agarose Pack Size 500 Gm Pack , Dna Ladder 200 Microlitreper Pack , Loading Dye Dna Loading Buffer Containingbromophenol Blue Xylene Cyanol Ff And Glycerol Pack Size 6nos. 1 Ml Each , Electrophoresis Buffer Premixed Molecularbiology Grade Tris Base Edta And Acetic Acid Pack Size500ml Pack , Chloroform Isoamyl Alcohol Pack Size 100mlpack , Phenol Molecular Biology Grade Saturated With 10percent Water 100 Ml Pack , Nucleic Acid Extraction Andpcr Amplification Kit Must Include Hot Start Pcr Ready Mixfor Amplification Directly From The Extracted Nucleic Acidpack Size 100 Reactions Per Kit , 96 Tip Comb For Deep Wellfor Automated Magnetic Extraction Pack Size 100 Nos Perpack , 96 Square Well V Bottom 200 Microlitre Microplate Forautomated Magnetic Extraction Pack Size 50 Nos Per Pack ,96 Well Square V Bottom 2 Ml Deep Well Microplatefor Automated Magnetic Extraction 50 Nos Per Pack , Viralor Pathogen Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit Magnetic Bead Basedcompatible With Automated Magnetic Extraction 2000reactions Per 1 Kit


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24 Apr, 2023

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24 Apr, 2023

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