Supply of MAGNETIC STIRRER WITH HOT PLATE, AUTOMATIC WATER DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT DOUBLE STAGE, Electronic Balance, Jar Test Apparatus Flocculator, Fluoride Ion Meter (with Fluoride electrode), DOUBLE BEAM UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER, Micropipette Single Channel Fully Autoclavable 0.5-5ml, Rotary Shaker, Prestaltic pump, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, High Volume Air Sampler, pH meter, Turbidity meter, Nessler Tube, Water testing kit, Glass tes tube, Laboratory hot air oven, Thermometer, Incubator, test tube, BOD Bottle, Chloroscope, Porcelain dish, Measuring cylinder, Beaker, Filter Paper, Funnel, Conical Flask, Burette, Laboratory flocculator

Tendering Authority: Science And Technology Department

India, Bihar, Rohtas



Last Date For Submission

01 Nov, 2021

Closing Date

01 Nov, 2021

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