Supply of Frisbee disc ( Match quality), Frisbee disc ( Practice), Frisbee- Floroscent marker Cones, Frisbee- Knee caps, Badminton- Shuttle (Plastic), Badminton- Shuttle (Feather), Badminton grips (Yonex Etech 902), Badminton grips (Li-Ning GP-20), Badminton- Net, Basketball, Basketball nets, Chessboard (Paramount Dealz, Wooden Laminated), Chessboard (Paramount Dealz, Vinyl Chess set), Chess-Clock, Football, Football pump along with pin, Football- Corner flags, Football- Stretch bands / resistance bands, Football carrying nets, Football small goal posts, Cricket Bat, Cricket-Wicket Keeping Gloves, Cricket- Glove Inners, Cricket--Nails, Cricket- Bat Grips, Cricket--Helmet, Cricket-Elbow Gaurd, Cricket-Batting Pads, Cricket-Batting Thigh Pads, Cricket-Bat Protection covers, Cricket-Batting Gloves, Futsal football (Nivea), Futsal football (Cosco), Futsal - Cones, Hockey Stick , Hockey Balls, Hockey-Shin Pad, Hockey-Hand glove, Kabaddi-Knee caps, Kabaddi-Elbow caps, Snooker- Cue Sticks, Snooker- Ball Marker, Snooker- Ball Set, Squash-Racquets, Squash Balls (Dunlop Competition), Squash Balls (Dunlop Rubber), Squash- Racquet Grip, Squash- Eye Guard, Tennis double knot net, Tennis balls , Tennis - Strings, Tennis - Dampener, Tennis - Grips, Swimming - Kicking Boards, Swimming Caps, Swimming - Googles, Swimming - Water Polo ball, Swimming - Hand paddles Pair, Swimming - Swim Fins, Volleyball, Table Tennis - TT balls, Table Tennis - TT racket, Bibs, Air Pumps, Whistles, Chuna, Tournament Basket Ball S-7, Lawn Tennis Net


India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow



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06 Dec, 2021

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06 Dec, 2021

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