Supply of EXTRUDER UNIT (02 NUMBERS) Screw, Screw Size, Screw Type, Barrel Type, Screw & Barrel Material, Gearbox, Main Motor, Motor Make, Motor Inverter Make, Barrel Heating Zone, Heating System, Cooling Blower, Barrel Heating Loads, Cooling Arrangement, Structures, PLATEN TYPE FILTRATION UNIT (02 NUMBERS) Filtration Type, Filtration area, Heating Zones, Heating Systems, Heating Loads, Hydraulic Power Packs, WATER COOLING BATH (02 NUMBERS) Constructions, Guide Bar, Length, Stand, CUTTER UNIT (02 NUMBERS) type, Blade, Blade Construction , Take-Up Unit , Drives, ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL (02 NUMBERS) All PID Temperature Controllers with SSR, Digital Ampere Meter for all Heating Control Zone, Branded/International Brands make SSR for Heating Control Zones, MCBs for Heater, Branded MCBs for all AC Motor, AC Frequency Drive for all AC Motors, Digital. VIF Meters, Synchronization System., All Electrical Wire & Cable

Tendering Authority: Directorate Of Industries

India, Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly



Last Date For Submission

13 Dec, 2021

Closing Date

13 Dec, 2021

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