Supply of C.P. Brass Angle Valve 15 mm, Anglo Indian Seat Cover (White), Brass bib cock (average 400gm wt) 15mm, Brass stop cock (average 400gm) 15mm, PVC Ball cock 25mm, Ball Valve 20mm Gun metal, CP brass LONG BODY 15 mm, CP brass SHORT BODY 15mm, CP CONCEALED STOP COCK (15MM), C P BRASS SHOWER 100MM OVER HEAD, CASCADE SEAT COVER (WHITE ), CASCADE SYPHON SET (for cistern), GI ELBOW 15MM, GI ELBOW 20MM, GI ELBOW 25MM, G I NIPPLE 15X50 MM, G I NIPPLE 15X75 MM, G I NIPPLE 15X100 MM, G I NIPPLE 15X150 MM, G I NIPPLE 20X50 MM, G I NIPPLE 20X75 MM, G I NIPPLE 20X100 MM, G I NIPPLE 25X50 MM, G I NIPPLE 25X75 MM, G I NIPPLE 25X100 MM, HEALTH FAUET, PVC HANDLE FOR CISTERN , PVC BALL COCK FOR CISTERN, PILLER COCK CP BRASS 15mm, PVC CONNECTION 18 , PVC CONNECTION 24 , PVC SIPHON SET (for cistern), TOILET PAPER HOLDER CP BRASS, PVC CISTERN SINGLE FLUSH SLIM LINE, PVC LONG BODY 15mm, PVC SHORT BODY 15mm, PVC SHOWER 4 , PVC LONG BEND, PVC SHORT BEND, REDUCER SOCKET (GI) 20x15 MM, REDUCER SOCKET (GI) 25X15 MM, REDUCER SOCKET (GI) 25X20 MM, REDUCER TEE (GI) 25X20 MM, REDUCER TEE (GI) 25X15 MM, GI TEE 15MM, SPINDLE (SIZE 10 NO) HEAVY, GI SOCKET 20MM, GI SOCKET 25MM, GI SOCKET 15MM, SEAT COVER WHITE, STEEL SINK JALI 4 , GI UNION 15MM, GI UNION 20MM, GI UNION 25MM, WASTE PIPE (STRAIGHT) 32 MM, 1 MTR LENGTH, WASTE PIPE (STRAIGHT) 40MM, 1 MTR LENGTH, C P BRASS WASTE COUPLING 32MM , C P CAP (TOP PORTION OF BIB COCK) HEAVY, COMMODE WHITE , JET SPRAY (BRASS/STEEL) 1 MTR. PIPE, BALL VALVE 15MM (Gun metal), BALL VALVE 25 MM Gun metal, CONCEALED STOP COCK SPINDLE 15mm, SPINDLE 20 MM SIZE, WALL MIXTURE LEG 15mm, CASCADE SYPHON WASHER, BIB COCK WASHER, LONG BODY BIB COCK WASHER, MIXTURE WASHER, WHITE CEMENT, M-SEAL PLUMBER (100Gm), WALL MIXTURE CP BRASS NUT, PVC ball valve 20mm, CP SS trap Jaali 4 hole cut, CP SS trap Jaali 4 plain, Hexa Blade 12 single side, CI nozzle 15mm, CP brass extension piece 1.5 , CP brass extension piece 2 , CP brass extension piece 3 , CI Plug 15mm, CI Plug 20mm, CI Plug 25mm, Multy Functional Valve (MFV) or safety valve for geysers


India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow



Last Date For Submission

13 Dec, 2021

Closing Date

13 Dec, 2021

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