Supply of AUTOMATIC AIR FRESHNER (complete kit, 250 ML), CLOTH CALICO GREY 36" WIDE (Plain-woven), ROPE POLYPROPYLENE 16 MM (ISI MARK), ROPE POLYPROPYLENE 04 MM (IS MARK), POLYTHENE BAG 14"X18"X75 MICRON, TRAY PAINT ROLLER (9 inch Exterior Roller with painting Tray), POLYTHENE BAG 14"X16"X75 MICRON , POLYTHENE BAG 14"X20"X75 MICRON , PAINT BRUSH 1" (Bristle Material - Nylon), TURPENTINE OIL SOLVENT (01 Ltr) (Colourless), RJ 45 CONNECTION (8 -pin connector), WRAPPING PAPER KRAFT 36"100 YDS (91 44X91.44M) (Use for packing), HOT MELT GUN GLUE KIT (Glue capacity- 15g/min), RJ 45 CABLE (Twisted-pair Ethernet and UTP) , TAPE ROLL SEAL TEFLON THREAD OF 12 MTRS LENGTH (0.1MM X1.25CM) , CABLE TIE 8" (360mm) nylon, SAND PAPER N5350-0000050 (BROWN), THINNER (GENERAL PURPOSE), BATTERY DRY 1.5 V SIZE SMALL/PENCIL (R6) , POLYTHENE FILM LENGTH 112" WIDTH 18" THK 0.007, JERRY CANS 20 LTR (Locking pin- included as standard an size 360x170x470mm), CANS PLASTIC 10 LTRS (14 inch x 06 inch) , TEFLON TAPE ( 1 inch) , BAG GUNNY 27"X21" , SYNTHETIC FOOT MAT 3X2 FEET/DOOR MAT (Polypropylene) , M SEAL OR EQUIVALENT (01 KG), CANDLE WAX DIA 19 MM (White color), PLASTIC MUG Cap - 1.5 Ltrs (Multicolor, Weight -250g and Demension - 20 x015 x10 centimeter), SOAP LIQUID TOILET (01 Ltr) (LN 50 Apple scented), DISTILLED WATER (1 Ltr), NAPTHALENE BALLS (Pack 01 Kg, Multicolor) , GASH BAG 24"X30"X75 MICRON , DUST BIN WITH COVER (COMBINED) (Cap. 12L) , DETERGENT POWDER IN 01 KG PACK (Tide or equivalent), REFILS FOR SHIP HEAD (ODONIL) 50g lavender , ROOM FRESHNER 300 ml (Eco friendly, pump spray)

Tendering Authority: INDIAN COAST GUARD

India, Gujarat, Porbandar



Last Date For Submission

06 Dec, 2021

Closing Date

06 Dec, 2021

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