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Department of Handloom Textile and Sericulture
NTID 19977552
Tendering Authority Department of Handloom Textile and Sericulture
Description Supply Of Articles Under Nertps - Incubation frame (set) standard size , Chopping Board made of wood of size -lbh= 2x1.5x0.5 ft. , Chopping Knife with wooden handle of standard size. , Region specific wooden frame handloom with 120 hooks jacquard (complete Set) -Specification as Annexure -C , Eco-friendly Steel Handloom - specification as Annexure-D , Leaf preservation Chamber made of wood of size -LXBXH=(5x4x3) ft. , Feeding stand made of Aluminium of size -hxb = 3x2.5 ft. (cross leg) , High Speed Pirn Winder , Sectional Warping Drum , Group-B , CENTRIFUGE Machine 4-RC-8 TUBE (15ml capacity) with head, digital speed indicator, digital timer, Eclectic Power =220+10% Volts single phase 50 Hz A/C(Bench top digital speedometer, digital time of rage) , Cocoon Testing Balance, -Weighing capacity :30g /300g. Sensitivity: 0.001g/0.01g Taring range Upto full capacity. No. of cocoons in a test : Upto 150. Pan size: 125 mm Results : On an 80 col. dot matrix printer Calculated parameters : Pupal weight, shell ratio and statistical data. Statistical parameters Average, standard deviation, Variance, standard error and Coefficient of variation. Dimensions : 3 3/4 " x 6 1/4 " x 101/2 " approx. Power requirements230 10% V, AC, 50 Hz. , Country Charkha Reeling Machine with re-reeling device single basin, single deck, 6 ends capacity. Both hand and paddle operated , Deflossing Machine for Silk cocoon deflossing. , Epprouvette , Flame Gun standard type three burner, easy to operate, brass barrel, with accessories , Hot Air Dryer (50 kg capacity), Dryer operated by electricity. 50 kg of live cocoons can be dried (40%) in a span of 6 hours in different temperature. Technical Specification Temperature Range- 50C to 150C,; Temperature Controller- Digital Temperature controller-cum-indicator; Accuracy of control-+-2C; Air Circulation- By heavy duty smooth running motorised blower; Exhaust of Moist Air-Ventilator are provided to remove the moist air from the working chamber, No.of Tray-12 nos.; Power- 220 -250 volt single phase AC mains, Capacity- 50 KG (approx) , Humidifier Humidification capacity-9kg/h, voltage-220V AC/50 Hz, working tempurture-5-40 degree C, humidity control Auto, power consumtion-900 watt. , Power Tiller with Harowing and Tailer , Re-Reeling machine 4 ends Hand operated. , Silk Book making machine.(2 Kg capacity) , Skeining machine , Yarn Denier Scale Weighing range: Natural silk: 0 ~ 40D Dimensions: 400 215 495mm (LWH) , CSTRI approved Solar operated Spinning Machine
Estimated Cost 0.00
Doc Cost 1000.00
Last Date for Submission 2019-09-27
Closing Date 2019-09-27
Location Department of Handloom Textile and Sericulture India, Assam, Guwahati
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