Supply of A4 Paper , Legal Paper, A3 Paper, Cartridge, Register, Stapler Small, Stapler Large, Notes, Writing Pad Large, Writing Pad Small, Marker, Folder, Colin, Duster, File Cover, Plastic Folder, Fevistick, Envelope, Ball Pen Blue, Ball Pen Black, Scale, Scissor, Stamp Pad, Dustbin, Cell AA, Cell AAA, Pilot Pen V5 Blue, Pilot Pen V5 Black, Pilot Pen V7 Blue, Pilot Pen V7 Black, L Folder A4 Size, Cartridge 337

Tendering Authority: Revenue and Disaster Management Department

India, Haryana, Gurgaon



Last Date For Submission

29 Oct, 2021

Closing Date

29 Oct, 2021

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