Servicing, Maintenance And Repairs Of Ceiling Fans, Wall Fans, Exhaust Fans In Certain Administrative Buildings In Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam Under Ge (i) (dm) Visakhapatnam

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam



Last Date For Submission

20 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

20 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 26 | Total Qty : 4715
# Item Quantity Units
1 M&L for dismantling & taking out ceiling fan of any sweep from its position ceiling mounting hook Rewinding of Ceiling fan 1200 mm/ 1400 mm sweep after opening complete motor assy, bearings, bushings, removal of burnt copper wire, cleaning of core, inserting proper insulating paper in slots, winding with and as per existing size/turn of super enamelled copper wire, heating, vernishing, bushings connector block, connection wire 3 core, assemble of rotor and stator unit with capacitor, connecting wire, capacitor pad, down rod, blades complete all as specified and as directed. Note: Transportation from building to complaint cell and further transportation to civil workshop outside ND (V) for rewinding and bring back after repair (if required) is inclusive of rate 470.00 Each
2 All as per item No 1.00 above but for wall fan / table fan / padastal fan / exhaust fan/aircirulator fan of 300/380/400 mm sweep 200.00 Each
3 All as per item No 1.00 above but for wall fan / padestal fan / exhaust fan /aircirulator fan 450 mm sweep Normal / flame proof type 50.00 Each
4 All as per item No 1.00 above but for heavy duty exhaust fan/padastal fan/aircirulator fan 600 mm sweep 15.00 Each
5 M&L for Servicing of Ceiling fan 1200 / 1400 mm sweep in situ after dismanting taking down from ceiling mounting hook, complete cleaning of fan, greasing/oiling of bearing / bushings, replacement bushings, connection wire, tightening of nuts, bolts, washers, and refixing to original position with required new rubber bushings / mounting bolts and necessary accessories complete all as specified and as directed. 850.00 Each
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