Repairing Of Roof Expansion Joint Of Trauma Building At Aiims Rishikesh

Tendering Authority: All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Rishikesh

India, Uttarakhand, Rishikesh



Last Date For Submission

09 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

09 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 11 | Total Qty : 2100
# Item Quantity Units
1 Demolishing cement concrete manually/by mechanical means including disposal of material within 50 meters lead as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.Nominal concrete 1:3:6 or richer mix (i/c equivalent design mix) 10.00 Cum
2 Demolishing brick tile covering in terracing including stacking of serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable material within 50 metres lead. 130.00 Sqm
3 Providing and laying two coats of polymer modified cementitious waterproof flexible coating using base coat of cement slurry made with cement @ 1.75 kg/sqm and Acrocrete or equivalent(Acrylic based chemical ) @ 1.00 kg/sqm after cleaning the surface thoroughly free of all foreign particles such as laitance etc. and laying of fibre reinforced mesh synthetic(over laps of joints of fibre shall not be less than 10 cm ) and top protective layer of cement & slurry made with cement @ 1.58 kg/sqm and Acrocrete or equivalent (Acrylic based chemical) @ 0.83 kg/sqm and curing etc. complete as per the directions of Engineer-in-charge. (The surface area of roof shall be measured for payment. The work shall be carried out by the specialized agency having experience in polymer based water proofing work & specialized agency shall be got approved by the Engineer-in-charge before execution of work) 40.00 Sqm
4 Providing and filling the expansion joint with a rubberized, flexible polysulphide sealant TECHSEAL-940 or equivalent after cleaning the joint thoroughly to remove the foreign particles such as laitance etc. inserting the back-up filler expanded polysterene affixed with a bond-breaker over it, repairing the edges of the joint with epoxy repair mortar Techoxy, application of primer RDL-942 on the sides of the joint and finally filling the top portion with sealant and tooling the sealant for smooth finish including removal of masking tapes from both sides of the joint and disposal of debris etc. complete in all respects and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-charge. (40 x20mm) 500.00 Meter
5 Providing and fixing self adhesive, aluminium topped reflective surface, flexible, polymeric waterproofing membrane Makpolyplast or equivalent over expansion joint after thorough cleaning with wire brush to make the surface free of all foreign particles i/c priming and sealing the overlap joints complete in all respects and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer in charge. 450.00 Sqm
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