Repair Of Kather Pole At Bahirkanchali Under Khari G.p Radhakantapur G.p.

Tendering Authority: ZILLA PARISHAD

India, West Bengal, Parganas



Last Date For Submission

09 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

09 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 9 | Total Qty : 798014.96
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling carefully wood work in posts, postplates, rafters, partition etc., sorting and stacking serviciable materials at site and removing rubbish as directed. 2.750 Cum
2 Labour for lowering and stacking after dismantling in parts R.S. joists, channels, angles, tees, plates etc.complete as directed. 7.040 Qtl
3 M.S. structural works in columns, beams etc. with simple rolled structural members (e.g. joists, angle, channel sections conforming to IS: 226, IS: 808 & SP (6)- 1964 connected to one another with bracket, gussets, cleats as per design, direction of Engineer-incharge complete including cutting to requisite shape and length, fabrication with necessary bolting, metal arc welding conforming to IS: 816- 1969 & IS: 1995 using electrodes of approved make and brand conforming to IS:814- 2004, haulage, hoisting and erection all complete. The rate includes the cost of rolled steel section, consumables such as electrodes, gas and hire charge of all tools and plants and labour required for the work including all incidental chages such as electricity charges, labour insurance charges etc. Payment to be made on the basis of calculated weight of structural members only in finished work as per IS specified weight. Payment for gusset, bracket, cleat, rivets, bolts and nuts may be make by adding the actual weight of such items with the weight of finished structural members or 7% of weight for finished structural members weighing not less than 22.5 Kg. / m. or 15 % of weight for finished structal members weighing less than 22.5 Kg. / m. may be increased allow for bracket, cleat, rivet, bolts and nuts etc. and no seperate payment being made for these items, as per direction of Engineer In Charge. The rates are considered for a height of erection 8m. / 2nd floor level from the ground. Add 1.5% extra over the rate for each additional floor or 4m. beyond initiial 8m. or part thereof II) For Structural Works in Roof Trusses etc. using joists, channels and angles of specified section weighing less than 22.5 kg/ m 0.990 MT
4 (A) Wood work in posts, post plates, rafters, battens, truss members, purlins etc. fitted and fixed complete (excluding the cost of bolts, paints, but including the cost of nails, screws etc.) (The quantum should be corrected upto three decimals) 2.420 Cum
5 Installation of Informatory Board ( Marble Falak ) 16'' X 8'' 1.0000 Each
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