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Department of Higher Education
NTID 17780054
Tendering Authority Department of Higher Education
Description purchase and installation of equipment for various departments - digital storage oscilloscope dso-50mhz, 2mhz function generator, universal ic tester with lcr measurementexperimental setup for determination of band gap of semiconductors by four probe method, newton’s ring apparatus, sodium lamp house with lamp & power supply- (philips), bridge rectifier experiment set, potentiometer-10 wire(wooden), electromagnet, carey foster bridge- (wooden), spectrometer, lcr experiment set, op-amp experiment set, d c power supply 0-30v./5adigital balance - (0.01gm – 600gm), physical balance, heating mantlewith temperature controller, constant current supply for hall probe, moving coil galvanometer, standard solenoid, double slit, ice crusher machine, platinum resistance thermometer experimental set up, kit for measurement of planck’s constant using led, kit for determination of ionization potential of mercurykit for determination of e/m by using bar magnet, experimental set up for the study the photoelectric effect: variation of photocurrent versus intensity and wavelength of light, experimental set up to determine the wavelength of h-alpha emission line of hydrogen atom, experimental set up to show the tunneling effect in tunnel diode using i-v characteristics, experimental set up to determine wavelength and angular spread of he-ne laser/ solid state laser using plane diffraction grating., experimental set up to study pe hysteresis of ferroelectric crystal, experimental set up for measurement of susceptibility of paramagnetic solution by quink"s tube method, experimental set upmeasurement of magnetic susceptibility of solids., experimental set upfor determination of variation of dielectric constant with frequency, experimental set upfor determination of wavelength and velocity of ultrasonic waves ion a liquid, experimental set up to analyze elliptically polarized light by using babinate compensator.
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Last Date for Submission 2019-01-12
Closing Date 2019-01-12
Location Department of Higher Education India, West Bengal, Kolkata
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