Provision Of Certain Miscellaneous Civil And Electrical Works At Aiims Bibinagar

Tendering Authority: All India Institute of Medical Sciences

India, Telangana, Hyderabad



Last Date For Submission

08 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

08 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 44 | Total Qty : 2770.8999999999996
# Item Quantity Units
1 Providing and fixing false ceiling at all heights with integral densified calcium silicate reinforced with fibre and natural filler false ceiling tiles of Size 595x595mm of approved texture, design and patterns as per CPWD specification 2019, 12.5 mm thick tapered edge gypsum moisture resistant board to be laid in true horizontal level suspended on inter-locking metal T-Grid of hot dipped galvanized iron section of 0.33mm thick (galvanized @ 120 grams per sqm including both sides)comprising of main-T runners of size 24x38 mm of length 3000 mm, cross - T of size 24x32 mm of length 1200 mm and secondary intermediate cross-T of size 24x32 mm of length 600mm to form grid module of size 600 x 600 mm, suspended from ceiling using galvanized mild steel items (galvanizing @ 80 grams per sqm) i.e. 12x50 mm long dash fasteners, 6 mm dia fully threaded hanger rod up to 1000 mm length and L- shape level adjuster of size 76x25x25x1.6 mm fixed with grid and Z cleat of size 25x37x25x1.6mm thick with precut hole on both 25mm flange to pierce into 12x50mm or even bigger size dash fastener if require, fixed with Galvanized iron perimeter wall angle or size 24x24x0.40 mm of length 3000 mm to be fixed on periphery wall / partition with the help of plastic rawl plugs at 450mm center to center and 40 mm long dry wall S.S screws. The work shall be carried out as per specifications, drawing and as per directions of the Engineer-in- Charge. (Make: USG, Gyprock, Diamond, Saint gobain) 106.00 SQM
2 Providing and fixing double glazed hermetically sealed glazing in aluminium windows, ventilators and partition etc. with 6 mm thick clear float glass both side, having 12 mm air gap, including providing EPDM gasket, perforated aluminium spacers, desiccants, sealant (Both primary and secondary sealant) etc. as per specifications, drawings and direction of Engineer-in-charge complete. 11.80 SQM
3 Extra for providing frosted glass panes 4 mm thick instead of ordinary float glass panes 4 mm thick in doors, windows and clerestory window shutters. (Area of opening for glass panes excluding portion inside rebate shall be measured). 11.80 SQM
4 Providing and fixing Anodized aluminum (Anodized transparent or dyed to required shade according to IS:1868, minimum anodic coating of grade AC-15) work for fixed portion doors, windows, ventilators and partitions with extruded built up standard tubular sections/ appropriate Z sections and other sections of approved make conforming to IS: 733 and IS: 1285, fixing with dash fasteners of required dia and size, including necessary filling up the gaps at junctions, i.e. at top, bottom and sides with required EPDM rubber/neoprene gasket etc. Aluminium sections shall be smooth, rust free, straight, mitred and jointed mechanically wherever required including cleat angle, Aluminium snap beading for glazing / paneling, C.P.brass / stainless steel screws, all complete as per architectural drawings and the directions of Engineer-in-charge.: 255.68 Kgs
5 Anodized aluminum (Anodized transparent or dyed to required shade according to IS: 1868, minimum anodic coating of grade AC-15) For shutters of doors, windows & ventilators including providing and fixing hinges /pivots and making provision for fixing of fitting wherever required including the cost of EPDM rubber/neoprene gasket required. 77.36 Kgs
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