Procurement Of Thin Section Cutting 01 No. And Grinding And Polishing Machine/unit 01 No. For Dhargaon Camp Of Gsi, Cr, Nagpur


India, Maharashtra, Bhandara



Last Date For Submission

20 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

20 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 3 | Total Qty : 2
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1 Procurement of Thin section cutting 01 no. and grinding and polishing machine/unit 01 no. for Dhargaon Camp of GSI, CR, Nagpur
2 Body: Rigid and Heavy Cast Iron Base, Cast Aluminium Top Tray, Stainless Steel Drive Shaft, Suitable for Diamond Impregnated Cutting. Wheel: 20cm/ 25cm dia. Max Cutting Cap.70mm / 80mm (approx.). Drive Motor: 1/2 HP. 220V AC, Single Phase Two speed pulley for 2000 and 3000 RPM (approx.) to cut specimens of different hardness. Complete with Cast Aluminium Wheel Guard, Expanded Metal Drive Belt Guard & Perpex Splash Guard, Drainage Valve. Table top unit essential: 1.000 Nos
3 Compact, elegant model. Smooth and quiet operation. Vibration and eccentricity-free design ensures undistorted sample preparation. Driven by a HP DC Motor having 220V AC, Single Phase Input. Grinding Disc, Mild Steel, 200mm dia. /Polishing Disc, Brass, 200mm diameter. Speed of Disc is Steplessly Variable upto 1200 RPM. Fitted with Digital Speed Controller with display. Easy fixing and changing of polishing paper/ cloth etc. Smooth inflow and outflow of water (including waste materials). Splash guard ensures clean working. All controls are conveniently located on the easy to reach front panel. Adequate operation safety provided. Spares and consumables readily available. Accessories: Required Additional Grinding Disc, Mild Steel: 2 Nos with 200mm dia. Polishing Disc, Brass: 2 Nos with 200mm diameter. 1.000 Nos
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