Tendering Authority: South Eastern Coalfields Limited

India, Chhattisgarh, Dipka



Last Date For Submission

26 May, 2021

Closing Date

26 May, 2021


procurement of spares for automatic fire detection and suppression system for cat make d11 dozer : 1.01 sensor cable assy - rates per mtr,part no. ac-505026 1.02 dry chemical powder (mono ammonium phosphate based) part no. ac-504024 mate. code 17407580733 1.03 expellant gas cartridge 300gm part no. ac-501026 ,mate code 17407580607 1.04 dust cap for nozzle part no. ac-505037,mate code 17407583448 1.05 horn unit part no. ac-505031 mate code 17407580713 1.06 harness cable assembly complete with connector part no. ac-505033 mate code 17407581602 1.07 rupture disc assembly part no. ac-505032 mate code 17407580642 1.08 actuator device -electro mechanical solenoid vaalve assembly part no. ac-503030 mate code 17407580701 1.09 control panel assembly part no. ac505029 1.1 cylinder cap with pneumatic and manual operation for main cylinder part no. ac502023 mate code 11617220022 1.11 pilot cylinder assembly for pneumatic & manual operation part no. ac502019 1.12 sensor end assembly part no. ac505034 mate code 17407580619 1.13 nozzle conical (brass) part no. ac505036 mate code 17407580634 1.14 safety clip part no. ac509062 mate code 17407582744 1.15 fuse holder with fuse part no. ac509067mate code 17407583049

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