Maintenance of Parks In Pocket 1a Sector -18 For Two Year Miantenance Yeida Wc-horti

Tendering Authority: Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority

India, Uttar Pradesh, Gautam Budnagar



Last Date For Submission

12 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

12 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 2216617.13
# Item Quantity Units
1 Complete maintenance of the entire garden featured having as per yard stick in the garden area i.e. lawn, trees, shrubs, herbs hedge, flower beds foliage creepers etc. including hoeing, weeding, pruning, replacement of plants gap filling, watering, mowing of lawn, grass cutting by lawn mover and brush cutter, removal of garden waste, applying in secticide, pesticides & fertilizers (when ever required) top dressing of lawn with good earth and manure and maintenance of other garden related works as directed by office in charge (cost of good earth, manure, fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide will be provided by the department & lawn mover and brush cutter with fuel and other T&P material/articles shall be provided by the contractor) and as per direction of Officer-in-charge.
2 Play ground/Public park (1 mali for 2.00 Acre) (with all trees & shrubs) (92125.16 Sqm x 24 mth) = 2211003.84 Sqm 2211003.8400 Sqm
3 Providing profuse watering arrangement for Lawn/Park at site to make available for irrigation i.e. Diesel engine & oil etc. RH pipe/Canvas pipe & other T&P etc. in the process of watering with arrangement of submersible pump & accessories as per direction of Officer-in-charge of work.
4 (22.76 Acre x 24 mth) = 546.24 Acre 546.2400 Acre
5 Supplying and stacking of well decayed cattle manure at site including royalty and carriage upto 5 Km. lead complete (Cattle manure measured in stacks will reduced by 8% for payment) 4606.2500 Cum
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