Maintenance Including Day To Day Operation Of E/m Installations At High Power Microwave Facility And Instrumented Small Arms Ballistics Range For 24x7 Operation And Maintenance In Zone-i At Tbrl Range Ramgarh


India, Jharkhand, Ramgarh



Last Date For Submission

15 Dec, 2022

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15 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 5 | Total Qty : 4212
# Item Quantity Units
1 (Manpower Charges)
2 Maintenance including day to day operation of E/M Installations at High Power Microwave Facility and Instrumented Small Arms Ballistics Range for 24x7 Operation and Maintenance in Zone-I at TBRL Range Ramgarh Note: a) The details are given in tender enquiry at appendix 'A' for the estimated cost of tender b) Contractor has to quote their Service Charges only for manpower amount. c) Basic rate in figures of Part-A , which is fixed and cannot be changed by the Bidder. The value is already entered in Sl. No. 1.01, Column No. 5 of the BOQ. The bidder is required to enter the same rate in Sl. No. 1.01, Column 6 under Rate as indicated in Sl. No. 1.01, Column 5 under Estimated Rate. The system will automatically calculate the L1 with this amount only, in case some other amount is entered inadverdently / erronously by the bidder in Sl. No. 1.01, Column No. 6 of the BOQ. The system will not accept any other value and Total Amount in Sl. No. 1.01, Column No. 7 & 8 respectively will show the value as multiplication of Sl. No. 1.01, Column No. 3 and Column No. 5 (D14 x F14), which will be added in the final quote of Part-A and Part-B. 12 Months
3 (Handeling Charges of Diesel ) (To be exectuted as and when required only after prior approval of Estate Manager) a) only the rate for transportation and contractor profits & over head to be quoted for each station. B) the total quantity of diesel is tentative and may vary according to period of cold climate. the diesel as per the quantity ordered by the eng-in-charge should be supplied as per requirement from time to time. c) the cost of diesel will be paid seperately as per actual on production of original purchase voucher.
4 Handeling charges of diesel : 4200 Litres
5 As per Para 17 (b) of Tender Enquiry: (b) The bidder shall quote more than Zero Percent charges over estimated cost of tender for service charges / contractor profits and overheads. If a bidder/firm quotes NIL (ZERO) charges / consideration, the bid shall be treated as unresponsive and will not be considered for acceptance as per rule 173(i) (h) of GFR 2017. No representation in this regard will be entertained Select
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