Improvement Of Conference Hall Near Office Block At Campus Panisagar Under Shq Bsf Panisagar (sh Providing And Fixing False Ceiling)

Tendering Authority: BORDER SECURITY FORCE

India, Tripura, Panisagar



Last Date For Submission

05 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

05 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 4 | Total Qty : 70.4
# Item Quantity Units
1 12.5 mm thick square edge PVC Laminated Gypsum Tile of size 595x595 mm, made of Gypsum plasterboard, manufactured from natural gypsum as per IS 2095 part I and laminated with white 0.16mm thick fire retardant PVC film on the face side and 12micron metalized polyester on the back side with all edges sealed with the face side PVC film which goes around and wraps the edges and is bonded to the edges and the back side metalized polyester film so as to make the tile a completely sealed unit. 34.2 sqm
2 Dismantling aluminium/ Gypsum partitions, doors, windows, fixed glazing and false ceiling including disposal of unserviceable material and stacking of serviceable material with in 50 meters lead as directed by Engineer-in-charge. 34.2 sqm
3 Add GST 18% (Multyplying factor 1.0633) on sr no. 1 to 2 1 Each
4 Add cost index @ 35.78% on item Sr no.1 to 3 1 Each
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