Handling Of Pol For E/m Installations At Dihar Leh

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh



Last Date For Submission

19 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

19 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 3 | Total Qty : 3
# Item Quantity Units
1 Handling safely by removing any class of goods i.e. Diesel, Petrol, Engine Oil, Kerosene and Coolant and items of steel from any place, inside or outside buildings, loading into road vehicle, unloading at the required site inside or outside buildings and neatly stacking to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-Charge upon the terms and conditions contained or referred to in the "IAFW-2320" and upon the condition contained in tender docuemnts, as may be demanded and as are enumerated in the aforesaid items for the peirod of one year from the date of acceptance. 1.00 Tonne
2 Transporting any class of goods by any means to a distance n.exc 10 KM 1.00 Tonne Kilometre
3 Transporting any class of goods by any means to a distance exc 10 KM NOTES: [i] The Schedule of works contain three items only. Bidder is required to quote rate after considering all the aspect of Handling Contract. [ii] The contractor shall quote individual rate for Sr Item 1 to 3 of BOQ taking into consideration of the rates indicated in Column 4 under heading LIST OF WORKS AND PRICES on serial Page No. 15 of CA i.e. on Rs. 5.13. [Rs. 4.05 + Rs. 0.55 + Rs. 0.53 = Rs. 5.13] (iii) The acceptance of contractor's offer shall be done for derived percentage rate over the Total of Rates indicated as mentiond above with respect to total amount of quoted rate in BOQ of individual item. (iv) For acceptance purpose, percentage will be derived as under- Percentage= (Total quoted amount for single units of Sr Item No 1 to 3 of BOQ)-(5.13)/5.13* 100. (v) It is the resposibility of contractor to provide 26 Nos min 2000 litre plastic tank temporary to MES till completion of work for storing diesel/petrol, after completion of work tanks will be given to contractor. 1.00 Tonne Kilometre
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