Delhi Meerut Lte Interference Analysis, Enhanced Packet Core, Transmission And Passive Network Design For Delhi Kolkata And Approach For Structured Long Term Network Operations In Indian Railways Scenario With Complete Documentation

Tendering Authority: RITES Ltd.

India, Haryana, Gurgaon



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07 Dec, 2022

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07 Dec, 2022

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1 Program Management and support RITES in technology interactions with required documentation. This also includes creation of review, draft and final reports incorporating customer requirements at each stage 1.000 LS
2 Enhanced Packet core planning, Transmission planning, IP planning, network IT security and Passive network 1.000 LS
3 Leasing of LTE (Long Term Evolution) radio network planning tool a. Tool with suitable modules basic, coverage prediction and interference analysis with traffic simulations b. Simulate impact of LTE standard features c. Capability to create and store multiple scenarios with configurable one to many comparison d. Maintain and edit site database for site survey and update coverage / interference / capacity predictions with required versioning e. Simulate coverage prediction for Micro cell heights in large yards / stations f. Simulate 1 and 2 wall indoor coverage for GM / DRM offices / large stations 1.000 LS
4 LTE Radio Link budget and Radio planning tool operation a. Operating the tool for evaluation of Link budget & Cell ranges including capacity planning - Delhi Meerut i. Tool setup, prediction model, prediction scenarios, site templates and documentation ii. Interference prediction for various network configurations iii. Planning for 5 IR scenarios for Delhi area and surroundings to check interference and loss of capacity with RRTS Delhi Meerut route iv. Scenario reports, analysis and documentation b. Operating the tool for Network planning for Delhi Kolkata. i. Tool setup, prediction model, simulation of site configurations and detailed tool based network planning ii. Scenario reports, analysis and documentation 1.000 LS
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