Conversion Of Overhead Lt Line To Underground Cable And Connected Items From Kv Gate To Tech Gate At Af Stn Singarsi.

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Jharkhand, PAKUR



Last Date For Submission

19 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

19 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 19 | Total Qty : 24254
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling and taking down old unsv street lights of any wattage or size,complete all as specified and directed by Engineer-in-Charge. 25 Each
2 Dismantling and removing old unsv ACSR of any size, complete all as specified and directed by Engineer-in-Charge. 20 Per Qtl
3 S&F insulated unsheathed PVC ,FRLS,3.00 core stranded copper conductor (1.5 sqmm x 2 +1.5 sqmm) for earth contuinity conductor drawn through steel conduit pipe of medium grade fixed to pole with fixing arrangement, working voltage 1100 volts grade, 50 Hz conforming to IS-694 from junction box to street light fitting or for OH connections, complete all as specified and as directed. (200 pole x 7 RM per pole) 700 RM
4 S&F in replacement of 60 W LED street light fitting with lens optics on LEDs, IP 66 protected luminaire fixture made from pressure die cast aluminum housing & heat resistance toughned glass cover with one number of 60 W driver, having wide operating voltage range & lumen efficacy>105 lm/w.Surge protection upto 10 KV PF>0.95 temp 5700 K to 6500 K IP 66, surge protection 10 KV as directed by Engineer-in-charge including taking out old U/S street light fitting of any type/size. Note: Reducer including cuttig welding etc if required at site for installing LED fiitings shall be deemed to be included in quoted rates. 20 Each
5 S&F thermoplastic, polystyrene unbreakable junction box size 250 x 200 x 100 mm suitable for pole mounted outdoor type IP 65 insulated complete with FI clamp & nut, bolts, washers and including resin type terminal block heavy duty suitable for ring lugs with phase seperators between R, Y, B, N terminals and one MCB SP 6 amp 10 KA, all duly mounted on din cannel, cable glands for cable entry incl GI double clamp made out of 25x4 mm GI strip complete all as specified and as directed. 100 Each
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