Construction Of Rcc Bio-fertilizer Unit At College Of Community Science, Tura, Meghalaya


India, Meghalaya, Tura



Last Date For Submission

23 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

23 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 56 | Total Qty : 1602.69
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earthwork in excavation in foundation trenches,including dressing of sides and ramming of the bottom i/c stacking of serviceable stones,disposal and removal of excation earth within a lead of 50m and lift of 1.50m complete as directed. a) all kinds of soil ( ordinary soil/hard soil/dense soil) 21.600 cum
2 Providing soiling with stone/brick, sand packed and laid to level and in panel after preparing the subgarde as direced i/c all labour and materilas and if necessary dewatering , complete. (a) brick soiling, 100mm 18.000 qtl
3 Providing for steel reinforcement in RCC work i/c cutting,bending,cranking and tying in position with binding wire,20 gauge,as shown in drawings,complete upto floor two level. (ii) Tor steel. 6.800 sqm
4 Providing centering and shutteringi/c strutting , propping etc and removl of form for all heights complete and as directed by Engineer in charge. Foundation, footings, bases of columns, etc for mass concrete( using) 46.080 sqm
5 Providing & laying cement concrete in proportion 1:2:4corresponding to M150 ( 1-cement,2-sand,4-stone aggregates of 20mm and down graded)i/c curring etc complete (excluding shuttering and reinforcement) 2.300 cum
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