Ca No. Ge (i)(af)/shl/ Of 2022-23 Special Repair / Replacement To Certain Electrical And Mechanical Works And Provn Of 02 Dedicated Chemical Earthing Pits (1ohm) At 794 Su, At Af Station Laitkor Peak Under Ge (i) (af) Shillong

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Meghalaya, Shillong



Last Date For Submission

27 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

27 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 213
# Item Quantity Units
1 Supply, fabricate and erection of Earth grid consisting of 5 earth pits complete with Each Earthing pit consisting of Copper earth plate 60 cm X 60 cm X 3 mm thick buried vertically in ground to depth not less than 3.5 metres deep below ground level, with top edge of earth plate not less than 2.8 m below ground level, connected to PVC insulated copper earth strip of size 25 mm x 3 mm of 4 mtrs length for earth connection from earth plate electrode by means of bolts, nuts, check nuts and washers of galvanized iron or steel besides welding at all joints including excavation and earth work, GI pipe light grade 40 mm bore for protection of earth strip and connected to continous earth lead on pole/test point, supplying and laying high quality earth resistance enhancement compound (ERIC) 200 Kgs and refilling soil and ERIC Compound and providing test point terminal block made of gun metal or phosphorus bronze size 75 x75x 25 mm drilled and screwed including 3 Nos 8 mm dia 25 mm long hexagonal head screw and all parts as required , PCC 1:2:4 type B1 for chamber of size 300 x 300 mm x 60 mm and MS angle iron frame 40x40x3mm and CI cover and handle, PGI/CI funnel and wire mesh, 50 mm dia GI pipe medium grade for watering and all other spares required for each Earthing and connection to earth test point including testing complete all as specified and directed. 6.00 Each Job (Set of 5 Earthings connected in a grid)
2 Note : (i) A complete set of measurement of earth resistance has to be taken using standard earth tester after completion of Earthing grid system in the presence of Engineer-in charge and the value of earth resistance should be less than 1 Ohm and the life of Electrode shall be guaranteed for a period of 15 years. (ii) The cost of excavation, earth work is included in the quoted rate. The cost of earth lead /strip and GI pipe for protection of earth lead/strip upto 7.5m for each earth pit is included in the quoted rate. (iii) Each Job of Earth Grid consists of 5 Nos of Earth pits made with above specifications connected in a grid all as directed by Engineer-in-charge to achieve earth resistance as sp[ecified in Not (i) above (iv) Identification of earth Pit: Each pit / grid is to be identified by suitable display board with details like Pit No, Power of Earth , Date of installation etc., all as directed by Engineer-in -charge (v) Installation: Fill the bottom 100 mm of the pit with mixture of soil and Eric Compound , place the Electrode vertically at the centre of the pit and fill around the electrode with the mixture of soil and ERIC compound homogeniously upto a height of 800 mm from the bottom of the electrode and the rest of the pit with normal soil all as directed
3 Taking down / dismantling of old earth pit by digging & clearing the site by removing old earth pit , strip & earth pit chamber and making good for new earthing completely all as required and as directed by Engineeer -in-charge 6.00 Each Job
4 M&L for copper Earth continuity conductor or main earthing lead of size 25 x 3 mm with high insulation PVC sleeve fixed to wall on batten or recess or chases or buruied in ground or drawn in a conduit / pipe or fixed to pole or any other indicated situation for loop earthing etc., as required complete all as specified and as directed 190.00 RUNNING METRE
5 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of maintenance free chemical earthing station using ASEEL 39 ZC & AC 76.30mm dia, 3000mm long high tensile low carbon steel rod at centre and 04 Nos copper bounded 17.2 mm 250 microns steel rods with low carbon high tensile (UL specified ) CPRI tested 3 mtrs length with prewelded at 4 sided in circular pipe duly filled with Barion back fill compound ( conductolite) (4 legs for each rod) , molecularly bounded with copper on outer surface (minimum copper bounding thickness 250 microns ) meeting the requirements of under writer laboratories (UL ) 467-2007 with 250 mm long copper strips of size 50 x 3 mm exothermally welded on top of electrode complete including augur boring of 250 mm dia hole as required for electrode in good quality stone free soil and back filling with carbon based ground enhancing compound (GEC) (with minimum quantity 42 bags for electrode) conforming to IEEE/BS standards complete with FRP pit cover all as specified and as directed Notes:- (a) The work of earthing shall be carried out by authorised trained rep of OEM. (b) The acceptable earth resistance at earth busbar/test point shall not be more than 0.1 Ohm. (c) Loop conductors with copper strip 20mm X 3.15 mm shall be measured and paid seperately. (d) The Earth result shall be achieved less than 0.1 Ohm. In the event of earth resistance found higher, then earthing shall be re-done/rectified and no payment shall be allowed for earthing have earth resitance result more than 0.1 Ohm.) (e) The cost of excavation, earth work , augur boring is included in the quoted rate. Make: ELMECH/JEF Techno Solution Pvt/Tercel/McML/Macmet/ Erico/ Reslow JK earth electrode. 1.00 Each Job
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