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Posted on - October 15, 2016 05:21:30PM

Region : National

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Auction Sale Of:-- 1 Steel Swarf - Bailed (In A Form Of A Brick) 7 Empty Flux Tins - 25 Kg Tin Containers 8 Empty Tins - 450 Ml (Spray Paints) 9 Small And Big Size Mpm Drums 16 Gi Duct And Sheets 17 Electrodes Stub (Mix) 20 Cables (Aluminum And Copper Mix) 22 Welding Filler Wire Pieces 23 Used Coolant Oil (209 Litres/ Barrel) (For Cpcb And Gpcb Concent Holders Only) 26 Steel Swarf-Non-Baled 27 Mixed Wire Wheel & Cup Wire Brushes Scrap 28 Gas Regulators Scrap.


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