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These machines are used for precise and high quality TIG Welding Machine. The minimum current of 5 amps makes it easy for precise thin sheet application and the wide range covers all sheet thicknesses for TIG applications. Pulse frequency control, Pulse current control is the secret behind its high preciseness. These machines are useful for both TIG and MMAW welding. The arc stability is always the operator to change the current being at the job.

The enterprise is engaged import of inverter base welding machine & its accessories & parts. The company workforce is definitely featured with strong. comprehensive, high efficiency & high educated team including well-experienced engineering & technician.

The company also featured with management & marketing talents as well as a wide base of skill ful workers. D-FORCE has formed a modern enterprises, para managment system and all round marketing system has brought "D-FORCE" into the reputation position in welding industry and has gained a substantial market share for its invertor welding machine in gujarat & near by some other state in India.

By its quality featured and on timely delivery and all round service D-FORCE productrs have been extensively recognized in the market and applied in many industry such as Aerospace, Ship Building, Auto, Cheemicals, Mining, Construction, Steel machinery, Steel Construction structure, Alloy and so on.

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